Club Business

2021-22 NQUEC committee:

President: Simon Penprase
Susan Moore
Cameron Dunne
Dive Officer:
Simon Penprase
Equipment Officer:
Guy Wood

Forms and Documents

NQUEC Membership Form

NQUEC Insurance Summary Certificate

NQUEC Insurance PDS

NQUEC Model Rules Constitution

NQUEC Incorporation Certificate

NQUEC ABN Certificate Summary

NQUEC Common Seal

NQUEC Policy Document – Records Management and Club Correspondence

NQUEC Policy Document – Insurance Protection for Life Members

NQUEC Policy Document – Defining a Club Sanctioned Activity

NQUEC Policy Document – Complaint Handling Procedure

NQUEC Policy Document – Use of Private Vessels

NQUEC Activity Organiser Checklist V1.2

NQUEC Covid Safe Guide V 1-1

NQUEC Diving Emergency Guideline V6.3 combined

NQUEC Pre-Dive Risk Rating V3.9

NQUEC Compressor Quick Reference Guide

NQUEC Compressor Operating Procedures V6

NQUEC Dive Compendium

NQUEC Trip Sheet

NQUEC Dive Logbook

NQUEC Dive Log Sheet (PDF file)

NQUEC Dive Log Sheet (Excel file)

Queensland Diving Regulations

Quick reference links

At NQUEC, we don’t impose heavy rules and regulations on our members, we simply ask that you dive safely by following the accepted safe practices taught on your dive courses, dive within your skill and experience level, and according to the prevailing conditions.

We also encourage our divers to maintain an understanding of the Recreational Diving, Recreational Technical Diving and Snorkelling Code of Practice 2018. The code undergoes regular review and update from QLD Government, with input invited from the QLD dive industry and recreational dive community. It is not a legally binding document for recreational club divers, but it can be used as a benchmark to aim towards achieving safety in all aspects of the sport.

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