Magnetic Island trip – June 2017

On Saturday the 10th of June 2017, a group of divers headed by boat to various dive sites on the shores of Magnetic Island.  We didn’t expect the weather to be quite so chilly, with 21 degrees in the water, and a similarly balmy temperature above it!  We dived on the wreck of the Moltke and Platypus, had lunch at the Marlin Bar, and motored back to the Nelly Bay boat ramp at a leisurely pace checking out some potential dive sites on the way.  We didn’t find the allusive treasure chest off the bow of the Moltke, but we did film a damsel fish picking a fight with a good size coral trout!

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  1. Thanks for the post Jill, by the way, I can offer some further details, the wreck of the Moltke sits in Jeffrey Bay which is a no fishing zone, and has attracted a wide variety of resident fish. I checked My Go-pro footage against a fish book and made the following identifications; diagonal banded sweet lip, silver sweet lip, long finned bat fish, short finned bat fish, giant sweet lip, mangrove jack, black spot snapper, yellow stripe snapper, harlequin tuskfish, coral trout, and a really nice cod of about 80 to 90 cm in length.

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