Magnetic Island trip – June 2017

On Saturday the 10th of June 2017, a group of divers headed by boat to various dive sites on the shores of Magnetic Island.  We didn’t expect the weather to be quite so chilly, with 21 degrees in the water, and a similarly balmy temperature above it!  We dived on the wreck of the Moltke and Platypus, had lunch at the Marlin Bar, and motored back to the Nelly Bay boat ramp at a leisurely pace checking out some potential dive sites on the way.  We didn’t find the allusive treasure chest off the bow of the Moltke, but we did film a damsel fish picking a fight with a good size coral trout!

Scuba Diving Trips.

   On Sunday the 20th Of April 2017, 12 divers left ramp at Dungeness, Lucinda at 7am and headed off to Bramble Reef on Trevor’s 15 metre barge. The first dive was a 10 metre dive and there were many beautiful fish and coral, but the reef showed some signs of stress. The second dive on the other side of Bramble reef showed signs of damage from the crown of thorns starfish.  The club then motored over to Pelorus Island for an easy snorkel and chill out time.  A little lion fish and sweet lip were found.
    Thanks Simon for organising the dive, Guy for organising tanks, and Mike for sorting the gear. The weather was calm, and overall it was a brilliant day of diving, relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors!

Magnetic Island

Hi folks, if you fancy a fun and relaxing day dive trip around Magnetic Island on Saturday 18th March, then keep reading. If you would like to get in the water, test your gear out, and hone your diving in the beautiful surrounds of Maggie Island, then come and join us. I’m planning on taking a car over, and hiring a 6m barge from Get-around-island Charters in Nelly Bay. Several spots are on the list to visit, and after seeing the fish currently living on the wreck of the Moltke, I reckon Geoffrey Bay is very much worth a look. I’m also keen to find the wreck of the Platypus in between Arthur and Florence Bays, as well as the Picnic Bay jetty, (provided we can avoid getting ourselves caught on a line and ending up on someone’s dinner menu!) We also have trips on the horizon further afield than Maggie, so if you haven’t been in the water for a while, this is a good opportunity to blow out the cobwebs and get your Diver Dan on before we launch into more challenging dives later in the financial year.


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