NQUEC meetings are held at the Townsville Yacht Club; 1 Plume St, South Townsville, at 7.30pm on the first Thursday of each month (except January). Just look for our ‘New Members Welcome’ sign. We usually gather in one of the two glass-fronted conference rooms opposite the main bar, unless these have been booked, in which case we’ll be out on the main deck area. New people are very welcome!

Monthly meetings are our primary tool for conducting club business, planning activities, and interacting with other divers and potential members. We are a friendly and inclusive bunch, and our activities are designed to provide enjoyment for both male and female participants.

Our meetings are structured (to a degree) through the use of agendas, action items, and minute taking, but they take place in a friendly atmosphere, where participants meet around a table and are free to have a drink and come and go as required. This style of meeting allows us to fulfil our Incorporated Association obligations, whilst also giving the club an opportunity for self-promotion in a public setting, where members can meet like-minded people with a common interest.

Each meeting is chaired by a member of the management committee (usually the club President) and each area of club operation is invited to provide a monthly verbal report. After this occurs, recently completed club dives and activities are discussed to identify both positives and negatives, then future dives and activities are proposed and planned. Participants are also encouraged to offer their own dive experiences and recommendations, because this type of discussion can result in ad-hoc club dives which are supplemental to our regular calendar trips.

If you would like to get in touch with the club, then please drop us a line using the contact form below. The club management committee will receive your inquiry, and we’ll endeavour to provide a quick response. 

Please be aware that NQUEC is a non-profit volunteer organisation with no paid positions. If your inquiry relates to employment within the NQLD recreational dive community, then we wish you well, but please direct your correspondence to those commercial entities.



    Chris Brunton Illustration and Graphic Design

    NQUEC would like to acknowledge and thank Chris Brunton for creating and supplying images of our club’s logo.

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