NQUEC Membership Form – Fillable PDF

Membership entitles you to:

  • Access to all club dive trips.
  • Access to all club social events.
  • Access to stand-by rates and locals discounts with dive operators (where prior arrangements have been negotiated between the operator and the club)
  • Access to subsidies from our insurance provider to undertake dive safety training courses, (such as first aid, emergency oxygen provision, marine radio).
  • Access to equipment, programs, and training secured through Government grants.
  • Access to club tanks.
  • Use of the club’s compressor on dive trips.
  • Regular email and webpage updates.
  • Mentoring by experienced divers for novice divers (if required).
  • And most importantly, being part of a group means we can put you in touch with like-minded folks within the North QLD dive community!

NQUEC is affiliated with Australian Underwater Federation (AUF), therefore you must join AUF as well as NQUEC to become a full member of NQUEC.

What is AUF?

image001The Australian Underwater Federation (AUF) is the governing body for representing and promoting most underwater recreational sports and amateur diving in Australia. The AUF aims to promote and improve safety and participant skill level, generate awareness of the marine environment, and encourages participation at the club level. It represents SCUBA diving, fin swimming, freediving, spearfishing, snorkelling coaching, underwater rugby, and underwater hockey, and also acts as the Australian representative to CMAS. NQUEC is an AUF affiliated club, facilitated through the AUF state-level branch; AUFQ.

AUF membership affords Public Liability and participant-to-participant insurance to NQUEC members wishing to participate in diving activities (Diving Members). This insurance protects Club members and management committee against litigation from a third party, and can also be applied between aggrieved activity participants. However, this is not diving accident and evacuation insurance; therefore, NQUEC recommends its members consider taking out DAN insurance (especially when diving in remote locations) to cover the cost of their own evacuation and medical expenses, should the need arise. The Club management committee strongly encourages both applicants and existing members to read and understand the Club’s insurance policy, which is available on the Club website.

NQUEC does not provide SCUBA dive training as a club to prospective members, as our dive trips are based around participation by certified divers. We do not favour any particular dive training certification agency over others, but divers must be certified to Open-Water SCUBA to participate in club dives. NQUEC accepts certifications awarded by all the recognised dive training bodies such as PADI, SSI, BSAC, NAUI, NASDS, and former entities such as NQS and FAUI. We will assess certifications awarded by other dive training bodies, and will generally grant membership where equivalency can be demonstrated to a recognised training level.

New membership applicants:

Note: Access via PC is recommended for full functionality

  1. Open the AUF Membership Page
  2. Scroll down to Recreational Dive Clubs and select <North Queensland Underwater Explorers Club>
  3. Once at the CMAS Instructor/Diver Membership Page, select <Sign Up> next to No account yet?
  4. Enter your name and email address, create a password, and select <Sign Up>
  5. Follow instructions in the Gameday email to verify your account, and select <Go back to Login>.
  6. At the AUF Membership Page, enter your email address and password, and select <Login>
  7. Select <New Participant> and then select <Next>
  8. Enter your personal details, select Member Type; <DIVER/INSTRUCTOR/SNORKELER AUF MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL> then select <Next>
  9. Review the cost breakdown and select <Next>
  10. Select your current certification level, upload your passport size photo (if you wish), select an AUF Card (if you wish), and enter any other qualifications
  11. Review and accept the terms and conditions, enter your home address (if you wish to receive anAUF Card), then select <Next>
  12. Review the Summary, choose a payment method, then select <Proceed to Payment>. This completes the AUF membership component

Now complete a NQUEC Membership Application Form and submit it to the club management committee. For Diving NQUEC membership applicants; also include a copy of your dive certification card.

Documents can be submitted using the Contact Form, in person at a club meeting, or posted to:

PO Box 298
Belgian Gardens, QLD 4810

Please note; NQUEC requires its members submit a Membership Form annually during the renewal process, as sections of the form are used for recording medical and diving fitness. This updated information helps the Club Management Committee oversee the health of its members, design trips to suit all participants, and to better manage risk.

Membership fees (1 July to 30 June):

Diving Membership = $100 ($95 to AUF, $5 to NQUEC).

Membership fees are administered by AUF as a single payment through the AUF website.

For trip or other payments to NQUEC: 

Account Name: North Queensland Underwater Explorers Club Inc.
BSB: 064819
Account No: 00090735
Please identify your transaction with your name and reason for transfer.

Forms: NQUEC Membership Form

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